A trove of ideas

Mödzi is a trove of ideas for businesses, private sector or government bodies, or even individuals who wish to project an innovative, creative image that fits their values. 

Founded by Anik Deslauriers and Christian Quesnel, Mödzi is a kind of universal jester, a toolbox of fun...of words, images and puns. 

It's a project based on the joy of creation and the pleasure of making contact. Beyond inviting you to a creative exchange, our experienced team would like to help you with your projects and to reach your goals.  You’ll find that we listen and carefully consider your vision.

The Mödzi experience is multidisciplinary and all-encompassing, covering graphic design, printing, editing, exhibitions and multimedia events. From the drawing board to print and virtual distribution, you'll find that our trove of ideas includes a full range of graphic design services.

Mödzi has developed a client base drawn from large area, covering Ottawa, the Outaouais, the Laurentians, Laval and Montreal. Furthermore, we're ready to take on experiences outside the country to extend the reach of your projects..

Mödzi offers a full range of graphic services and products

• Logos • Stationary • Pamphlets
• Displays  • Web design • Editing
• Project management (design, printing) • Posters • CD/DVD packaging 
• Book jackets • Restaurant menus • Advertisements
• Product labels and packaging • Banners • Brochures
• Editorial illustration • Graphic novels
• Comics
• Children's illustration  • Artwork • Paintings on canvas
• Annual reports • Photo retouching • Maps (all types)
• Photography • Press releases • Exhibition organization and design

Special package for new businesses
Mödzi offers a special package to start your new business by giving it just the right corporate image (logo, stationary, brochure, website and advertisement). Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

About us

Christian Quesnel

Image: CQ_photoAuthor, graphic designer and illustrator of numerous publications, Christian Quesnel lives in Saint-André-Avellin, in the Outaouais' Petite-Nation. He graduated in graphic design from Ottawa's La Cité collégiale, and has worked with many creators in different disciplines, including storytelling, music, literature, theatre, history and poetry. He worked as a graphic designer and project manager for various graphic design firms over two decades beginning in the 1990s, and managed the Ottawa firm GRimage. In 2008, he served as president of  Studio Premières Lignes, a publisher specializing in comics.

As well, at same time, he was editor of Souches, also published by Premières Lignes.

In 2008, as well, he co-edited a Quebec-Finland Anthology (10x), and edited  Le Projet Outaouais, two publications questioning local identity and its value in an international context. He also edited the group work  La Machine du Bonhomme Sept-Heures,

a comic book adaptation of the work of fantasy author Claude Bolduc. As well, Christian took part in many major cultural events in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Finland and Canada.

In fall 2008, he became the first comic artist to receive the Prix à la création artistique from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), for his body of work. In 2009, Christian was the first artist in residence in the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec studio in London. This also made him the first comic artist to do a residency through the CALQ.

See Christian Quesnel's most recent work.

Photo : Sue Mills

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